Control System Objective MCQ Questions Online

Electrical control systems play a crucial role in automation and industrial applications. Control systems regulate and monitor various functions and processes in machines and equipment, ensuring optimal performance and safety. Electrical control systems are used in multiple industries, from manufacturing to energy production. They are found in everything from simple machines to complex control systems. … Read more

Synchronous Motor Objective MCQ Questions Online

Synchronous motors are electric motors that work at a fixed and synchronized speed with the applied voltage frequency. They are popularly used in various industrial and commercial applications due to their unique characteristics and abilities. These motors are known for their ability to maintain a constant speed, making them suitable for applications requiring precise speed … Read more

Synchronous Generator Objective MCQ Questions Online

The synchronous generator is an essential component of power generation systems. A synchronous generator is an electrical machine that produces an alternating current (AC electrical current from mechanical energy). It operates on the principle of electromagnetic induction, where a rotating magnetic field is used to induce a current in the stator winding. Given below are … Read more

Operational Amplifier Objective MCQ Questions Online – Op Amp MCQs

Operational amplifier or op-amps is a fundamental building block in modern electronic circuits. It is a versatile and widely used component that enables amplification, filtering, and signal conditioning of analog signals. Its wide range of advantages makes it an indispensable tool in audio and video equipment, instrumentation, and control systems, among other applications. At its … Read more

Ohm’s Law Objective MCQ Questions Online

Ohm’s Law is a fundamental concept in electrical engineering and physics that describes the relationship between the current flowing through a conductor, the voltage across it, and its resistance. Named after the German physicist Georg Simon Ohm, the Law states that the current through a conductor between two points is directly proportional to the voltage … Read more

Inductors Objective MCQ Questions Online

Inductors are a fundamental component of many electrical circuits. They are used for various applications, including energy storage, filtering, and signal processing. Inductors are passive electronic components that store energy in a magnetic field. Inductors are also sometimes known as coils, chokes, or reactors. Their properties depend on their physical construction and the materials used. … Read more

Induction Motor Objective Electrical MCQ Questions Online

Induction motors are AC electrical motors that convert ac electrical energy to mechanical energy. The motors are named so because rotor voltage is induced in rotor windings instead of using physical wires. Induction motors are robust, highly efficient, reliable, and cost-effective motors. Because of their simplicity and durability, they are a popular choice for various … Read more

Filters Objective Electrical MCQ Questions Online

Filters in electric circuits are an essential element of circuit design that allows for removing unwanted frequencies from the circuit. Filters improve the circuit’s performance by blocking or passing specific frequencies and find their applications in audio, radio, and power supply circuits and in many other electronic devices. Filters are divided into two main types: … Read more

Earthing and Grounding Objective MCQ Questions Online

Electrical grounding is a crucial aspect of electrical systems and installations, as it ensures people’s and property’s safety. Grounding connects electrical circuits and equipment to the earth, providing a low-resistance path for electrical current to flow in case of a fault or surge. Grounding is essential because it helps prevent electrical shocks and fires resulting … Read more